Nosara, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Guide; Nosara – Where To Stay, Eat & Do

Our second destination on our Costa Rican travel was Nosara. We knew we wanted to head to the coast, after being inland in the rainforest for the first few days. A lot of people recommend Santa Teresa, which seems to be one of the most popular beach towns on the West coast. A little bit of further research and we discovered Nosara, similar to Santa Teresa but seemingly a little lesser known.

We travelled to Nosara from Rio Celeste, using a transfer service and the drive took around four hours. The drive was fine until you hit the last hour, where the ride gets very bumpy. The roads near to Nosara are extremely uneven, hence the local use of quads and bikes. If you suffer from travel sickness then you may need to consider this.

Nosara is a surf town; it’s relaxed, has a lovely community and can be a bit ‘coffee and bare feet’ for some people. I personally love it but there’s a peace and love feel for sure, which isn’t everyones cup of tea. There’s an abundance of cafes, bars, hotels, everything you need for a chilled few days.

We arrived and pulled straight up to our hotel for the next few days, The Nomadic. This absolute beauty is a surf hotel, although you don’t have to do any surfing at all. It’s a very tranquil space with yoga, hang out areas and all centred around the most beautiful pool.

They have several rooms, some larger apartments as well as shared spaces. We had a lovely double room which is literal steps away from the pool, it was bliss.

After arriving, we had to head straight to the beach to check it out. The beach is wide and expansive, so there’s always somewhere to sit and relax. You enter the beach by several pathways through the greenery, so it’s very beautiful. The sand is slightly volcanic so it is quite dark, which doesn’t always make a spot look tropical! Despite this, the sand is soft, the sea is warm and there’s an abundance of gorgeous shells laying around.

A wander around the town and you quickly feel the creativity of the area. Abundant with bright colours, natural architecture and cute spots to enjoy.

There’s so many places to eat here; whether that’s for coffee, brunch, dinner or after sunset drinks. We checked out as many as we could in the few days we had. How cute is this bus-come-coffee-shop?

Our first foodie spot was Destiny. Based at the end of the road from The Nomadic, so it was minutes away, if that. It’s attached to a hostel and has that kind of vibe. The menu is full of amazing things, from eggs, to greek salads, waffles and smoothie bowls.

Being on the West coast, you get the sunset here. As we were there in the shoulder season before the rainy months, every evening was very cloudy so we got beautiful fiery skies but no clear sunset unfortunately!

There’s also a lot of lovely shopping in the town; boutiques full of handmade clothing, jewellery and homewares. Love Nosara was one of our faves with the incredible architectural building.

Second foodie spot was Cafe Social. This place is open all day and into the night; we headed in for lunch and were the only ones there. Lovely outdoor seating and a good menu, the only problem was the aperol spritz we ordered came without ice!

Did I mention that everywhere you turn is incredibly beautiful?

One spot you cannot miss is Howlers. Based a short stroll from the beach, this taco bar has the best vibe. They don’t have loads of seating, so arrive early or just hang around for a spot. They serve any drink you want, no menus just describe your vibe and they’ll get it sorted – if you like Pina coladas, they were amazing! They also sell tacos which were incredible – it is cash only here so grab some from the shop around the corner before you arrive!

On the top road through the town, you’ll find Organico. This is an organic grocery store and it was fantastic. From fresh fruit (the biggest papaya ever!), snacks, refillable spices and a fresh food area at the back which sells the worlds freshest and best guac – you heard it here first.

Another unmissable spot is La Luna. This spot is outside of the main town; we walked there through the trails but as these didn’t feel overly safe to walk back through in the dark, we got a tuk tuk back. They do have tuk tuks available and we only paid about $4 to get back to the hotel. This spot is gorgeous, based on the beach right infront of the sunset. Make sure you book!! They reserve the seating on the basis of the first to book gets the best spot, and they work this back to the inside seating, so book as early as possible to be in the amazing seats watching the waves and sunset.

Overall I really loved Nosara; I can see how people get pulled in here and never want to leave. There’s a lot of amazing spots for travelling workers, which lends itself to a daily schedule of surfing whenever the waves are good and working when they’re not – sounds pretty damn good to me. There was a lot of building work going on, so I imagine the town is expanding with more hotels and Air BnB’s. I’m sure with anywhere you go, it’ll be a completely different place in a few years time but when somewhere offers so much, you can see why people flock here.

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