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Big Wild Thought; Where Clothing & Charity Meet

Finding conscious clothing brands is an absolute minefield, there’s eco fabrics, well paid labour, packaging and so much more to take into account. Big Wild Thought is a brand that offers all these things but it doesn’t end there. With every purchase of their apparel, a 10% donation from the cost goes straight to a chosen charity, relevant to that of the piece. Check out these gorgeous pieces that I was very kindly gifted..

Each item has an embroidered design focussing on an animal or natural element; you can choose from a range of tees, jumpers, sweat sets and accessories. The logo relates to the charity, whether thats the Orangutan Foundation, Marine Conservation, Cool Earth or more. There’s a full list of the charities on their website to browse.

Big Wild Thought products are consciously made, using organic fabrics and packaged using no plastic. Their items are very soft and incredibly well made, meaning they can last a very long time and not catered to the throw away fashion that is ruining our planet.

I love my pieces and will continue to wear them with pride, knowing that the brand is so wonderful and doing the best they can to help the beautiful planet.

Find Big Wild Thought on Instagram here and shop online here.

Jenifer x


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