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Eco Shopping with Jungle Culture (ad)

So many of us are passionate about making positive changes, day to day, to protect the environment and the world around us. With the greenwashing and miss-advertising around, it can be a minefield to know if you’re really doing the right thing. However, with brilliant eco-friendly online stores like Jungle Culture, you can head over, shop all you like and have absolutely no risk or guilt for the wonderful planet!

As ever, with sustainable shopping, the key is in the supply chain. A beautiful plastic free product can be displayed but if the supply chain has no ethical backing, then you’re back to square one! Jungle Culture ensure a transparent and ethical supply chain, supporting small farms, craft workshops and supporting factories.

Breakfast never looked so chic! This beautifully crafted coconut bowl, matching spoon, bamboo cup and matching straw are all available online and they are adorable! The coconut bowl and bamboo cup and completely plastic free and they’re also very lightweight for using on the go, ensuring you never need to opt for plastic options.

Cheap, plastic and disposable razors is something almost every household has and due to their dangerous nature, they can be very difficult to recycle. Enter, the Jungle Culture safety razor! This cutie is reusable, plastic free and comes with changeable blades so it can literally last you forever. Match it with their natural shaving soap and voila – smooth and silky (and sustainable) legs!

Shop Jungle Culture here and follow them online here!

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