Porthcothnan, Cornwall

Seasonal Change at Porthcothnan, Cornwall

I refuse to believe that anyone in the world likes change. As a human race, we fear change but we can adapt to embrace it. Embracing something and liking something is two very different things. I’ve recently gone through a big transition in my professional life; leaving behind a very strict 9-5 office job for being on the road, in charge of myself and completely outside of the corporate strains.

A woman on one of my favourite podcasts, What We Said, once said that the best way to change your habits is to do it inline with a big life change. Making smaller changes is hard when everything else remains the same, however whilst the bigger things are all different, it’s easier to adapt to new beginnings in the smaller parts of your life, breaking habits or starting new ones.

All these changes for me are coming alongside a seasonal change; we’re now very much into autumn and day to day life is different in every single way. Adapting to darker mornings, shorter days, turning the heating on, putting away the Birkenstocks!  Autumn in Cornwall is incredible, it’s still as beautiful as ever, the last few days of the warmer waters and the beaches are silent.

Porthcothnan is a gorgeous cove on the North Coast and I’d like to think it’s quite an unheard of spot. When the tide is out, the beach is so deep and the perfect spot for a good old chilly day stroll.

How adorable is that strawberry cream tea? The very cute and quaint Berryfields Tearooms are based just above the cove and are open as late into the year as they can warrant.

I’m looking forward to so many things; to really getting to grips with my new daily routine, to introducing new habits and to embracing a quieter season in Cornwall.

Jenifer x


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