Cannes, France

Postcards From Cannes, South of France

It’s been a while since I visited the South of France but it’s also been a while since I travelled at all, so I’m here reminiscing an adventure from a few years ago. We travelled to South of France for a few weeks and whilst staying in Nice, we had a day trip along the coast to Cannes.

Most people have heard of Cannes and connect it with the glitz and the glam, the film festival and very, very expensive yachts. We headed to this part of the coastline mainly to venture to Lerins Island, which we had seen photos and we’re so excited to visit!

We got the train down from Nice and it was a smooth and easy journey. Before heading on the boat to the island, we grabbed some sunshine on the beach in Cannes which is a beautiful sandy beach, unlike Nice and their pebble beaches.

We headed to the harbour and boarded the boat over to the Island. The return ticket allowed us a few hours to explore and see what we could find. The island itself isn’t too big so you can see majority of it within a few hours – that clear water was beautiful!

There were eateries and places to sit amongst the island, as well as the most beautiful classic French homes.

A beautiful day trip and one I highly recommend if you find yourself in the South of France!

Jenifer x


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