Polstreath Beach, Cornwall

Coastal Walk; Polstreath Beach – Cornwall’s Kelingking Beach?

It’s often that places in the UK are compared to those abroad and sometimes if you squint and look really closely, they might look somewhat similar but when I heard we had a Kelingking style beach here in Cornwall, I had to check it out myself! Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida in Indonesia is one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen (post about that here!), the sand may not be as soft and of course the weather is no where near as beautiful but I’d say it’s a pretty good comparison.

Polstreath Beach is a cove on the Southern coast of Cornwall, a short walk from Mevagissey near St Austell. I’d never heard hype around this beach until this year and when I visited it was lovely and quiet, that might not be for too much longer but there’s ample space to enjoy. To get to the beach, take a short walk from Mevagissey and you’ll soon stumble upon the signage guiding you through the woodland and down to the top of the staircase taking you to the beach.

The South coast is known for being calm and gentle to swim in, unlike the North coast which is rich in surf spots. There were several people bobbing in and out of the water and enjoying a splash around on the beach. It’s not just the staircase which makes the beach resemble something from Asia; the dramatic cliff and rock formation surrounding the beach is very reminiscent of Thailand.

A beautiful beach and perfectly located to ensure it doesn’t become overrun. I’d recommend a trip to Mevagissey, grab some lunch and then take the stroll over.

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