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Sun Chasing; Is My Mood Dictated By The Sun?

I joke frequently about the fact that I’ve lived twenty eight years on this earth and experienced the great British weather just as many times; yet I still find myself shocked and surprised season after season on the unpredictability of it all. Winter has its perks, of which will always be enjoyed regardless of the forecast. No day of rain, hail or unseasonable clear skies will stop you from enjoying the Christmas spirit or a cosy night in once the sun starts setting at 4pm. Summer however is so reliant on Mother Nature and most certainly here in Cornwall where there is quite honestly, absolutely nothing to do indoors.

As I get older, I yearn to spend all my time outdoors; whether that’s on a coastal walk, strolling the moors or just pottering in my garden. Gone are the days where I used to rely on material things to entertain me and keep me from embracing the natural world. It comes with age, getting older and wiser, learning to appreciate what you have naturally rather than what you can buy. As a teenager, Cornwall offered me none of what I wanted, I lived nowhere near my friends, nowhere near a shopping mall or anywhere to hang out. As I grew older and had a glimpse of life away from Cornwall, it all changed and I wanted nothing more than those quiet strolls and no one within your peripherals.

Working full time and being locked behind a desk for those prime hours of the day means that evenings and weekends are so important to get out and enjoy. Nothing excites me more than watching the Met Office forecast throughout the week in anticipation to a beautiful weekend and you better believe I plan that weekend to the minute to get the most out of it! Those days are the best; the ones where we have a set plan of new adventures, up early ready to go and full of stories to tell once Monday comes back around. Queue the aforementioned great British weather. The alternative to the above is when the weather does not work in your favour, it’s unpredictable or dull and my mood is instantly so pessimistic and glum.

The weather is never going to change and we will never get any better at predicting it or learning to live with the spontaneity. What I really need to deal with is making the most of the day regardless of the weather and not letting the chance of an overcast day spoil it. Just because the blue sky won’t be popping against the ocean or the walk doesn’t leave you with that sun kissed glow, shouldn’t make it any less worth doing.

Jenifer x


2 responses to “Sun Chasing; Is My Mood Dictated By The Sun?”

  1. Caroline says:

    Great post <3 I love rainy days so I don't think the sun affects my mood but I do love a good day of sunshine x

  2. I used to live in Cornwall (grew up there and my Mum still lives there) and I miss it terribly. I feel that where I currently live (Ohio, USA) I can’t make the most of my days, and the weather definitely plays a part in that because of the extremes we get here. I loved reading this as it is so thoughtful and got me thinking more about how I can make the most of my days.

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