Church Cove, Cornwall

Postcards From Church Cove, The Lizard, Cornwall

On a recent trip to the Southern coast of Cornwall, near Helston, I decided to extend the day by exploring a new cove, Church Cove. We headed down towards The Lizard and much to our joy, Church Cove is signposted from here to make it easy to find – not always the way with these coves! We followed the path until a sign saying no vehicles any further and found a spot to park. Behind the church you’ll find a small section where you can park for free; it was empty enough when we arrived but by the time we headed back to the car, this space was full. If you find it full or are travelling with multiple vehicles (don’t be those people!) then you can park in the village of The Lizard and there’s a trail to follow which isn’t all that far.

Wandering down the narrow road with thatched cottages lining one side and a stream full of lillies lining the other, it was the most magically entry to the coast I’ve ever walked down. The houses here are so, so beautiful. From the thatched roofs to the perfectly grown gardens, living here would quite literally, be a dream. As the road widens out, you start to see the water in the distance and the path begins to turn down towards the cove.

Heading straight to the cove you stumble upon the old lifeboat station and some working fishing boats pulled to shore. The water on this occasion was so calm that it would have made for a wonderful sea swim although I have seen some photos on a less calm day and it looks treturious so do be careful! I have read that when the tide is right out, a small beach actually appears at the bottom of the slipway.

Follow the pedestrian path to the left and this takes you up and over the clifftop to get the best view over the water, of the cove behind and the new lifeboat station just off to the right. We sat here for a while, as no one but the local gardeners went about their day, it couldn’t have been more peaceful. The water below was so still and clear, looking tropical with the bright green grass and the purple sea thrift.

The lifeboat station here at Church Cove is usually open to the public, with a heritage display showcasing over 157 years of lifesaving at sea on The Lizard peninsula however unfortunately due to covid it is currently closed so we couldn’t visit on this occasion.

The most peaceful, beautiful and inspiring place to visit; a must add to the list!

Jenifer x


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