Holywell Bay, Cornwall

Coastal Walk; Holywell Bay, Newquay, Cornwall

I do love a cornish beach with a distinctive attribute and Holywell Bay offers just that. You know when you’re looking at a photo of this beach and mostly beacause of the rugged rock formation just out in the water. If you time it just right and angle yourself, you can get a fantastic sunset that escapes between the rocks – a photographers dream!

We popped down to Holywell Bay one evening after picking up a takeaway pizza from neighbouring Crantock. Holywell is a keen sunset spot as the sand dunes make the perfect place to nestle in. There’s a paid for car park at Holywell and the beach is just a short walk; it’s quite a deep beach with the sand dunes blocking your view so you do need to either walk around or over them to get to the water and take in the view, not one you can sit in your car to see.

If you catch Holywell Bay at low tide, there’s a cave to discover with calcium deposits making a pink colour to the rocks – I’ve yet to hit the tide at the right time to find it but I am keen to get there this summer. Do be careful not to get cut off if you’re looking for it.

Sunset chasing is good for the soul; make sure you find time to watch the sunset as often as you can.

Jenifer x


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