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A Very DIY Christmas; Handmade & Plastic Free Festive Decor

Who doesn’t love to turn their home into a grotto come Christmas time? I know I do! This year I set out to make as many of my decorations as I needed and furthermore, attempt to make them all plastic free! Here’s some of my favourites and most successful DIY’s!

First up is one of many wreaths I made this year and this one is one for the inside as it’s made of cardboard and dried leaves. I made the wreath circle from a twig and decorated with dry bracken from the moors, dried gypsophila and a little cardboard cut out of an Amsterdam town house scene.

I love to cut a few branches of the Christmas tree which backs against the wall and doesn’t see the light of day. Pop these in a glass car or vase and hang some dried orange slices or other handmade decorations to make a lovely centre piece. If you don’t have the space for a tree at all then these are a good alternative in a small space!

Wreath number two is a dried orange, rosemary and cinnamon creation keeping the kitchen smelling festive and sweet all month!

I saw these little wooly trees online and knew they’d be easy enough to recreate. Chopped up some cardboard into a cone and layered strands of wool and finished with a glittery little star! You can make these in any colours which match your home decor.

Last but not least, the most traditional of them all! This is the wreath on my front door, made from branches of my tree, pine cones, holly and a lovely hessian bow to tie it all together.

Have you made anything for your home this Christmas?

Jenifer x


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