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Giving Back For Free This Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for many of us; family celebrations, gift giving and turkey eating. There’s a lot of expense around Christmas time no matter how extravagant you go so sometimes the idea of giving back is a whole lot easier than reality. Now more than ever, we are forced to shop online; buying the decorations, the cards and the gifts whilst the high streets are closed. What if I told you there was a way to combine the two? A way to give back whilst doing the online shopping, completely free of charge? Enter, Easy Fundraising.

Easy Fundraising is a platform where you sign up and through affiliate linking, you visit your chosen website and a percentage of the purchase price goes to your chosen charity – it could not be easier! You can do so on your phone or laptop and with many charities to choose from, you can give back to your favourite cause this Christmas, and all year round! Each retailer dictates their own percentage of return, if there’s something in particular this Christmas that you’re shopping for, browse around for the retailer offering the highest return and put your money with them. With branded items you can often find them in all the department stores such as John Lewis, House of Fraser, Argos etc so check out who offers the most!

My chosen charity is WeCare Worldwide; a fantastic charity who supports street dogs in Sri Lanka. Set up by Janey Lowes after a holiday to Sri Lanka, she couldn’t stop thinking about all the street dogs and the help she could offer so shortly later, she headed back to the island to stay and now runs a brilliant centre where they treat injured dogs (and other small animals!) and operates a vaccination and neutering programme to ensure these dogs are protected to the best of their ability once back in their home on the streets.

Every time I think about the work WeCare do I get teary eyed, it’s the most selfless thing I have ever witnessed and comes from complete adoration and love for the dogs. Janey runs the centre with the help of some employees and volunteers but with the need for medical supplies, sanitary space and the general running of such a busy and chaotic operation, it costs thousands of pounds a day to keep the doors open therefore they need every penny they can get. I watched Janey on Ben Fogles New Lives In The Wild (lie: I’ve watched it three times) and she explains how she only pays herself a modest wage to get by as the charity needs every penny it gets but she deserves the absolute world.

Janey explains that these dogs are not homeless; the street is their home. Street dogs are not to be feared and not to be disregarded as an annoyance, they have their job and they do it. Having street dogs around means food waste is cleaned up and pests are kept at bay but unfortunately they often get hit by traffic or caught up in large traps. It takes educating the public on the need for the dogs to ensure they bring them to veterinary attention and get the care they need so they can go back on to the streets again. If you like dogs I urge you to follow WeCare on instagram and/or facebook as they often share happy dog faces and they also share before and after photos of these dogs and their wounds, it’s a bit nasty to look at at first but it’s important to see what happens and what Janey and her team have to deal with.

So whilst you’re putting the last bits of your Christmas together, please check out Easy Fundraising and give back what you can. And if you love dogs; head over to WeCare and join me in supporting them in all their incredible work!

Jenifer x


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