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Waste & Chemical Free Cleaning With Shayker (ad)

The Full Cleaning Set was kindly gifted by Shayker; I am not expected to post but chose to as I love the brand and the products!

The plastic battle is far from over; the UK alone throws away circa 295 billion pieces of single use plastic a year. When it comes to the latest Instagram trend of intense household cleaning, plastic isn’t the only beast here but also the chemicals which are being washed down the drain and ultimately into our waterways. Things need to change, welcome Shayker!

When buying cleaning products from the supermarket shelf, you’re paying high prices of flashy branding and 90% water. This amazing, ethical and sustainable brand offers revolutionised cleaning. Purchasing these (pretty darn cute!) glass bottles and soluble cleaning solution means you’re not paying for what you can get from the tap and you can top up with the sachets as and when you need them.

The full kit comes beautifully packaged with three glass bottles and three sachets of solution. The bottles are chicly labelled with multi purpose, mirror and bathroom so you can separate the three. In these three bottles you have all you could want, say goodbye to under sink storage rammed full of different cleaners and hello to this simple solution for the whole house.

Shayker’s credentials are very impressive; vegan, plastic free, reusable, chemical free, non toxic, paraben free – the list goes on! Once you open your eyes to the true cost of the supermarket cleaners and the ‘zoflora look’ you’ll never go back. With up to 450 sprays per bottle you’ll be sorted for some time and when you do run out, the refill sachets are as low as Β£1.33 each.

Treat yourself or treat a friend for Christmas, find the full collection here on Shayker.co.uk

Lets work together to keep the fish in the ocean and the plastic to a minimum.

Jenifer x


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