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Going Green This Christmas; Eco Conscious Gift Guide

Gift giving and celebrating is one of our oldest traditions and it’s difficult to break the cycle of something so joyful and sentimental. With the best will in the world, it can be a lot easier to make planet friendly choices during the week where you’re buying fruit and veg from the market or staying away from plastics but during the holiday season, plastic is just everywhere and escaping it seems almost imposible. However, with a little bit of planning and some inspiriaiotn, nothing is impossible! I want to run you through a few simple planet friendly gifting ideas for this holiday season, something that shows thought, care and consideration for the recievers wants whilst also considering our dear mother earth.

The Homemaker

Staying green and eco-conscious at home and in the kitchen is becoming increasingly easier and the gift list for those who love to cook, to clean or just house proud is pretty excessive! Anyone who loves their kitchen will be thrilled with a hamper full of glass jars for grains and herbs, coconut bowls and bamboo cutlery.

The cleaning industry is one of the worst for our planet; aisles and aisles of plastic, toxic chemicals thrown down the drain and unimaginable waste. I recently partnered with a wonderful brand, Shayker, who sell very aesthetically pleasing glass jars and chemical free cleaning sachets to reuse, the full set comes packaged beautifully so is the perfect gift! Find them online here.

An integral part to any cooks kitchen is a selection of good herbs and I am passionate about growing your own, save yourself from the plastic packaged herbs from the shop which will quickly wilt and become waste, add a packet in the hamper with a degradable plant pot and voila – the gift that keeps on giving! Complete the gift with a cookbook, of which you can always find in charity shops, net bags for produce shopping (my favourites are from Turtle Bags) and everyones favourite coconut oil.

The Self Care Queen

Beauty gifts are one of the worst offenders for plastic waste over the holiday period; the endless bath sets which never get used, the plastic loofer which no one wants and the eye shadow palettes your relatives buy you which you’ll never wear. This set is for anyone and everyone and not one ounce of plastic waste!

Throw in a mix of self care luxuries with some household norms; some beautiful skincare from the wonderful Upcircle (full post here with a link for £10 off!) and hydrating hair oil from the Netherlands based haircare brand Gisou alongside reusable cotton makeup removal pads and wooden earbuds.

This beautiful shampoo bar from Six Foot & Clean smells so good, it’ll keep your gift hamper showing off under the tree as well as luring everyone in to buy one for themselves!

The Beach Babe

Not everyone is a homemaker or a beauty queen, this kit is for those who enjoy the outdoors and most importantly, the beach. Our beautiful beaches are too often littered with plastic, ruined by human laziness but don’t be one of them! Encourage whoever you’re gifting for to head to the coast with not a piece of plastic on their person.

No beach babe is complete without a jute bag, one big enough to carry everything they need stopping any desire to grab a plastic one. I love this one from Beach Boutique. Use the bag as the wrapping and fill it up with wonderful things, these beach towels from Slow Tide are not only incredible beautiful but their stance on sustainability is impressive, a brand I’d support every day of the week!

Pop in the bag a reusable cutlery set, you never know when you’ll need one! I got this set from Bright, in this useful waterproof box you get a fork, spoon, chopsticks and a straw. A reusable water bottle is an effortless and always appreciated gift, you can never have too many. This one is from Shole, a great company helpful to protect the planet. I’ve also included some coconut oil from Virginutty, a long day at the beach means you’ll be dry and in need of some moisture on your body, hair or face and this brand is the one. An incredible fair trade Filipino owned brand with a great ethos on supporting the Filipino women who help create the oil.

Some further brands who I love and would highly recommend as gifts include:

Waterhaul – Cool as a cucumber sunglasses which are made from recycled ocean plastics and fishing nets washed up on the Cornish beaches.

Wild Deodorant – A great way to reduce waste is to look at those day to day essentials and deodorant is one of the latest items to take a waste free turn. You can customise the colour and scent to whomever you are gifting.

Keynvor Candles – Always a brilliant gift especially during the colder months. This brand is eco conscious and plastic free!

Tonys Chocolonely – An edible gift is surely one that won’t be wasted! Tonys is a brand which needs to be shouted about so much more, their stance on fair production and slavery is incredible and worth reading about.

Narloa – Beautiful small online store selling vegan skincare.

Go Bambu – Website full of beautiful sustainable, bamboo products.


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