Lantic Bay, Cornwall

Coastal Walk; Polruan to Lantic Bay, Cornwall

It has become my new favourite thing to pull up a map of cornwall and just point at a coastal path, set off on a Sunday and see what I can find. With coastline in every direction you look, there’s a lot to cover and a lot to be seen. One Sunday afternoon the winning stretch was Polruan to Lantic Bay, it was a beautifully clear day, calm blue waters and a lot of excitement to reach our destination.

Polruan is a small coastal village opposite Fowey, you can find my full post from the village here.

Setting off on the coastal path Eastward, after around an hours walk, you will find yourself at the National Trust site of Lantic Bay. A beautiful cove offering soft sand and turquoise waters, it was lined with boats and water sports and people frolicking in the waters. The walk itself isn’t the easiest one, it’s steep at times and often narrow with cliff edges to your right so perhaps not one if you’re of a nerbous disposition. You can cut some of it up with heading inland and walking through hthe fields rather than sticking to the edge. There’s a few stops along the way, some benches and beautiful view points for a little rest and a drink of water.

Approaching Lantic Bay, the view is so fantastic. The approach to the beach means you have to walk passed the cove itself and down on the far side, adding a little extra to the walk should you wish. If you are not too fussed about heading to the water, which we didn’t on this occasion as we were pushed for time, you can stop above the beach on the land and enjoy the view before you head back.

If you do the walk the opposite way round, you can park at Lantic Bay in a National Trust carpark and wander your way to Polruan, stopping off for lunch in one of the pubs and then heading back full stomached. Doing it the way we did, there’s no convenience stalls or huts at the beach so prepare to bring water and a snack with you so you don’t go thirsty.

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