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The Best Beginner Resources For Environmental Education

Educating yourself on the environmental crisis, climate change, social injustice and all the things we should know, can seem like an absolute minefield. We all love a good David Attenborough doc but the conversation does not end there. I’m here to give you a little run down of some of my favourite resources to dip my toe in these important topics before I dive in full force!

Stories Behind Things

In todays world, we like information quick, snappy and graphically designed and that is what the Instagram account Stories Behind Things can offer us. They describe themselves as a ‘storytelling platform for mindful consumption and sustainability’ and that pretty much hits the nail right on the head. They share up to date information and resources on current environmental, social and political issues from a well educated and rounded background. They share information in the caption or slides of aesthetically pleasing and grabbing posts which also makes it great to share on your own stories to hit the attention of any of your fellow followers.

B Corp Website

B Corpotation is a way of certifiying a for profit brand on their environmental, employee, community and governance impacts. A brand is a ‘certified B Corp’ if it rates over 80 on their scale and any brand who can say they have this certification, the company have done the background digging to ensure they do offer fair and ethical business. Not all good brands will apply to become a ‘B Corp’ as it involves a monthly charge but it is a really handy tool to check on what brands near you or within your country are worth supporting. I was very pleased to uncover a few local Cornish brands as certified B Corps, including the wonderful Finisterre, Origin Coffee and others.

Talking Tastebuds with Venetia La Manna

Podcasts are your best friend, they are the most accessible tool for learning with the ability to listen and engross yourself whist driving, cooking, working out, even working if you are able to. One of my current favourites and one that I find so engaging and easy to listen to is the Talking Tastebuds podcast by Venetia La Manna. Originally a podcast about food, the most recent season hits on deeper issues including social injustice, sustainability and fast fashion. Veneita took some time away from the Talking Tastbuds podcast to publish the ‘Remember Who Made Them’ six part series about fast fashion and the people who work to produce the overwhelming quantity we now demand. I’m looking forward to Talking Tastebuds to come back for its next season and my favourite episodes currently available include, Natalie Fee the founder of City to Sea, Alice Aedy who is a activist and documentary maker, Lucy Siegle who is behind ‘To Die For’ and ‘The True Cost’ and Jack Harries.

Future Earth Newsletter

I was listening to a podcast once and someone mentioned some newsletters they were signed up to, in that moment it hit me that my email is a tool to be utilised not something to just clear at the end of each day so my notifications weren’t annoying me. I want to write further about the power of your email but that’s another post in itself, here I want to share the Future Earth newsletter which is a platform scientists, researchers and innovators sharing their insights on a monthly basis about global issues. Each newsletter will share further resources should you wish to deliver deeper into anything they discuss.

Goodonyou App

The BCorp website is fantastic for brands who do amazing things, but Goodonyou is great for all brands, good or bad. This app or website allows you to search a brand and it rates it from ‘avoid’ to ‘doing great things’, ranking the consciousness of the brand on the planet and the people.

The best thing you can do, is keep the topic at the forefront of your mind. The algorithms of our social media platforms have been slated for many years but take control; the more you search the more you will be shown. Find yourself shopping on sustainable clothing sites, watching documentaries and following influencers showcasing their passion and you will soon drown out the fast fashion nonsense and engage in the things that matter to you.

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