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Four Eco-Friendly Autumn Crafts For Your Home

I was doing some online hunting for autumn decor bits and noticed that there’s no point in spending money and investing in plastic items replicating those natural items which can be found for free. I set out on the hunt through our woodland and found a collection of pinecones and flowers and along with some wool and other household items, got to making some autumn crafts to spruce up the home; all free, natural and eco friendly!

Autumn Pumpkins

To decorate with pumpkins, it was either buying real ones which would go to waste or buying plastic fake ones – it’s a no from me! Here I rolled up some tights and wrapped them in felt and hessian. No glue needed, I wrapped them in string and tied underneath, added a little twig as the stalk and clustered together – so cute!

Glitter Pinecones

I found some beautiful fallen pinecones in the woods and dried them out. Be sure to dry them out in a shed or outside space as they’ll be full of bugs finding a new home! Once dried, collected them in a bowl covered in hessian and sprinkled with eco friendly glitter. Eco-Friendly glitter is not the most fantastic thing, better than normal glitter but still comes with it’s issues so please be careful not to waste anywhere or wash down the drain. I’ll be keeping these pinecones for a few years and will store carefully.

Dried Flower Wreath

I almost bought a wreath making kit and soon realised I have flowers in my own garden which could be used. I gathered some hydrangea, gypsophila and anything else I could find. Make the wreath loop with bendy sticks and wrap in string. Attach the flowers in place with string and keep in a sheltered doorway to keep safe.

Pom Pom Garland

The easiest way to feel autumnal at home, is introduce these orange tones. I made a punch of pom poms from wool I had stored away and attached to some natural twine to decorate the mantle piece!

Give these a go and be sure to share!

Jenifer x


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