The Croust Hut, Camborne, Cornwall

Breakfast & History at The Croust Hut

If you know Cornwall well, you’ll know that the Camborne area isn’t celebrated for its interesting cafes or cute spots. Being in the heart of the mining area, it naturally lost a lot of industry and therefore lost investment to become an area of interest that the coastal areas benefit from. However, what it does have is a lot of mining history and when doing a bit of research, I discovered that the King Edward Mine site also offers a lovely cafe called The Croust Hut, so we went!

The general area of the Kind Edward Mine was a working mine in the 1800’s and in the late 1800’s they opened up a mining school for the children who learnt practical skills and academic lessons. In 1901 it was renamed to The Kind Edward Mine to what it is known as today and ever since the late 1900’s the area has been working on restoring the history and showcasing the skills of the miners of before.

The Croust Hut itself is a beautiful building complete with twinkly lights, large indoor plants and a Chesterfield sofa to die for. We headed in and indulged in the full English fry up and it was incredible! Everything you could want in a breakfast and one to fuel you for a day of exploring. They also offer some amazing freshly baked cakes and serve Moomaid ice-cream.

The staff at the Hut were so very friendly and welcoming and the internal decor felt like a home away from home. They also offer outside seating should you wish to enjoy the sunshine and there’s plenty to do on site or take a stroll through some of the local walks.

Be sure to head down to The Croust Hut if you’re in the area and check them out online here.

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