Looe, Cornwall

Postcards From Looe, Cornwall

The busy little seaside town of Looe is one I live near and visit regularly for work and through my regular visits, I often miss its beauty. Looe to me brings memories of crabbing off the pier, the lights of the arcade and sticks of rock. It’s not as sleepy as some of the other towns in Cornwall but it still sure is pretty.

In the South East of Cornwall, it’s easily accessed from the A38 or on the branch train line from Liskeard and is always popular in the summer seasons. The town offers so many boutique shops, pubs, bakeries and more so you have all you need for a day trip or a short holiday.

There’s still a very active harbour with fishing and crabbing as well as glass bottom boats for your water tours around the coastline. The unique part of Looe is the river which splits it into two halves and the Looe River offers the perfect calmness for any SUP, water sports or using the pedal boats.

As always, the little off streets are cute as a button with nautical decor and stacked rooftops with the sea peering over the top.

There’s a maze of tiny streets in the heart of Looe, with holiday homes, cafes and other spots to meander through all leading the way to the opening of the beach.

I loved watching the fishermen out on their boat swarmed by gulls stealing their catch!

Jenifer x


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