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One Mans Waste; Upcircle Skincare

You’ve all heard the phrase ‘one mans waste is another mans treasure’ right? Well, never a truer word spoken than with this innovative and brilliant brand, Upcircle. I’d seen them around quite a bit on socials and was intrigued by their use of repurposed waste and finally took the plunge to purchase some myself and see what the hype was all about!

With the original idea hitting the minds of brother and sister powerhouses, William and Anna, back in 2015 and being executed in 2016, they’ve pioneered the use of waste from coffee grounds to what it is today; an ingredients list of perfectly formed waste products which offer natural benefits to the skin. The idea originated from the waste coffee grounds being thrown out every day and the potential benefits to them, now found in their popular scrubs which come partnered in herbal, citrus or floral scents.

Utilising these waste products is one thing but Upcircle has ensured that they have stuck to all their values whilst doing so. They’re cruelty free, sustainable, vegan, free of palm oil and parabens and their packaging is 99% free from plastic. They’re managing to bring all this goodness whilst also keeping the products affordable and accessible to all.

So, for my first dabble in this brand, I picked up the face scrub in citrus and the face balm. I’ve been in need of a scrub for a while as the changing of seasons often leaves me dry and in need of shedding that dry skin without damaging with harsh particles. The coffee scrub was nice and gentle but effective and the coffee and citrus scent was so powerful on a sleepy morning! The face balm is a joy to use, so silky and soft on my skin and a lovely way to remove daily makeup.

So far I’m so very impressed by this brand and such an easy way to make positive changes to being more eco friendly, without sacrificing any quality. I’m definitely going to repurchase these when I’m low and they have recently added an eye cream to their collection so that along with the award winning serum could be next up on the list!

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