Cape Cornwall, Cornwall

Coastal Walk; Cape Cornwall Headland

I was browsing the ‘Cornwall’ location on Instagram one day and saw a photo of Cape Cornwall; somewhere I hadn’t thought of before nor was too aware what it looked like. The image looked incredible, more Scottish highlands than anything I’d seen down here so on the next occasion we could, we hopped in the car and headed down nice and early to explore.

Moments away from the village of St Just, Cape Cornwall offers a car park to park up and enjoy all it has to offer. Cape Cornwall is a small headland near Lands End and is recognisable from the chimney perched above. There’s a few houses on the land and slipway for fishing boats which still operate here.

It was pretty early when we arrived so no one was around and that mixed with the rugged coast and the cloudy cover, it was very atmospheric and powerful just watching the water crash and the endless sea view.

A Cape is a headland and Cape Cornwall is one of only two in Britain. The main attraction to the area is the countless walks from this point, head in either direction and you’ll find the most stunning views and ample wildlife is spotted around here.

We were heading off to another destination so just spent some time watching the fisherman turn up to start the day and embracing the slow nature of life down in these parts of Cornwall.

Jenifer x


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