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The #RefillRevolution With City To Sea (ad)

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With the best intentions in the world, we’ve all been caught short out on a walk or a beach day with no water left to drink. When you’re far from home, what other options do you have than buy yourself a bottle and ensure you recycle it appropriately? Well, Refill have us all covered! Their refill app is the answer for all these times that leave you with that plastic guilt.

Downloading the app will allow you to search from your location, the spots around you which offer free water refills whether that’s a café, restaurant or a public water fountain. The places listed on the app aren’t limited, if you ask anywhere or spot a tap available to the public, be sure to update the app and let others around you know all about it too.

I knew if I needed a refill, a friendly café owner would oblige and fill it up for me but from downloading the app I discovered public water fountains near my favourite Cornish beach and even a refill tap in a boutique clothing shop. You may think that this is something you’ll use once or twice but those few times make all the difference. If the app stopped everyone from buying a single use plastic bottle just once a year – what a success!

But the team at City to Sea are achieving more than this, the app has now been downloaded 280,000 times with 300,000 refill stations listed and over 400 community lead schemes; not just in the UK but across TEN countries!

Who are City to Sea?

“We’re an environmental organisation, campaigning to stop plastic pollution. Most of the time, we’re working with communities around the world to provide practical solutions to the plastic problem. We like to keep it simple and have some fun by focusing on positive action and playful content. We were founded in Bristol in 2015, by environmental campaigner Natalie Fee. ”  Read all about City to Sea here! 

For some further facts on the plastic problem, check out my post for World Oceans Day and for plastic free swaps, this post on 30+ plastic free alternatives! 

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