Portscatho, Cornwall

Postcards From Portscatho, Cornwall

Portscatho on the Roseland is somewhere that has always felt a little less travelled but an absolute gem. It’s a beautiful and quaint coastal town with little going on but so pretty that you could spend your holiday happily just basking in the surroundings. We visited The Roseland and checked out all the towns last year but it was during the winter and the weather was pretty awful so it was lovely to head back in the summer!

Portscatho comes under the Truro postcode but it’s actually on the Roseland Peninsula and it lies in the South-westerly corner of Gerrans Bay. With some amazing eateries, pubs and a lovely calm bay for paddle boarding it’s growing in popularity and is a hot holiday destination within Cornwall.

Before you enter the town, there’s a clearly signposted National Trust car park to park up and you can wander to the left to enjoy the beach or to the right and head into the town. Both only minutes away and some breathtaking spots overlooking the water.

Last time we ventured down to Portscatho, we stayed at the beautiful Rosevine Hotel and enjoyed food at Tatams pizza!

The main reason for our visit was to indulge in the famous Hidden Hut. A stunning spot above the beach, in a little hut is this incredible food spot offering fresh and local daily specials and it was every bit worth the journey. The Hidden Hut is loosely open between the clocks going forward and the clocks going back so if you’re down in the Summer, be sure to head down!

We picked up a seafood chowder and a daal and wow, amazing! I can still taste that fresh fish and creamy chowder!

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