Godrevy, Cornwall

Coastal Walk; Godrevy, The Lighthouse & The Seals

Back in the Winter, whilst taking a trip down to St Ives for the day, we decided to take a pit stop at Godrevy on the way back home. Godrevy is based on the East side of the St Ives Bay, in West Cornwall. As well as its beautiful stretch of sand, it’s a well known area for its lighthouse, based on an island just off the coastline.

Godrevy lighthouse was built in the 1800’s on the Godrevy island, the island itself marks a dangerous reef of stones for boats. Godrevy is a National Trust site which provides you with ample parking and a perfectly signposted coastal walk. There’s also cafes on site to make an afternoon of it!

It was a slightly gloomy day for us in November so the beach wasn’t the most appealing idea but the main reason for our stop off was to see some cute creatures which lurk on the hidden coves! Throughout Autumn and January, you can find these beautiful grey seals at Godrevy. They find themselves to the private beaches and bask there during the day. The cove where the seals can be found is known as Mutton Cove, following the signs from the car park, after 10 minutes, you’ll find yourself there!

It’s very important to remember that the seals find these coves where you cannot get to for a reason, to stay safe and protected from human interaction. Approach the clifftop quietly and with ease, they don’t like loud noises or sudden movements and this could scare the younger seals back into the dangerous waters around the jagged coastline.

Godrevy is a lovely place to visit and I can’t wait to head back down during the warmer months, have a tea and cake at Godrevy Beach Cafe and enjoy the beach in all its glory!

Jenifer x


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