Keukenhof, Netherlands

Visiting Keukenhof, Amsterdam Day Trip

The first time I visited Amsterdam, I was overwhelmed by the images of the tulips and I just had to visit. Luckily, we planned to go at the perfect time and we arranged a day trip over to Keukenhof, the garden of Europe. Visiting Keukenhof is a time restricted activity so it’s worth planning before hand if it’s something you want to do and I highly recommend you do!

Keukenhof is well known as the best garden in the world and has the most perfect display of flowers including the dutch tulip. Every year around seven million bulbs are planted, that’s some serious garden! Keukenhof is outside of Amsterdam but not far so a day trip is perfect.

From Amsterdam, hop on the train back to Schipol airport. From the airport it is heavily signposted where to go to get to Keukenhof. You can purchase your ticket at several different stands and follow the signs to the coaches. The coach will then take you straight to the park where you are free to roam around and hop back on when you’re finished. The park is huge and it’s well organised to enter. There’s many food and drink spots inside so you can grab breakfast or lunch whilst there and hydrate from the sunshine. The best time to visit the park is April and May when everything is in bloom and it’s open every day around this time.

The colours and the perfection is mind blowing, it’s such a sight to behold. Have a good wander around and take a bench to sit and take it all in. There’s plenty of spots to stop and relax as you wander around as well as ponds and cafes to spend some time. The area is very child friendly if you visit as a family and be sure to head to the windmill for views across the park!

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