Polzeath, Cornwall

Coastal Walk; Polzeath to New Polzeath

One of my favourite coves in Cornwall is Polzeath, a small beach with a few lovely restaurants, Anns Cottage surf shop and a coastal walk. We quite often walk from Daymer Bay over to Polzeath but if you’re looking for a short and relaxing stroll, made even better by a setting summer sun, then head from Polzeath along the coast to New Polzeath.

Polzeath is a popular surf beach where you can head to as an experienced surfer or to learn. Once the tide is out, you can park on the beach itself and everything is very close together which makes it such an easy spot to head to.

Those colours, so dreamy! If you haven’t already, head to Polzeath and do yourself a favour, head there as the sun sets, it’s a good’en!

Jenifer x


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