Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

Cornish Coastline; Carnewas & Bedruthan Steps

Despite the vast amount of beautiful coastlines in Cornwall, Bedruthan is one that is instantly recognisable and one with some of the most magical views and a tale about a giant. Based on the North coast between Padstow and Newquay, you can find Bedruthan easily and is part owned by the National Trust providing a car park, cafe and shop to start your walk.

I had visited Bedruthan once before on a very overcast day so when we were blessed with a beautiful clear winters day, I headed back up to see it in all its beauty. The nature of the coastline here means it’s not safe during winter so the steps down to the beach itself are locked off for security and when the tide is in, there’s no beach at all. On this occasion, the waves coming in were so strong, the noise of them crashing echoed and thundered across.

The coastline is rugged and has boulders set in front of the coastline. The tale is that these were used by the Bedruthan Giant to short cut along the coastline and use these as stepping stones; reality is probably that the waves are so ferocious here and the rock is soft, so these show where the coastline once set. The Carnewas part is an old mine, there’s not too much history about the mine but the cafe and shop are old buildings which would have been used.

I love this spot and it’s somewhere worth visiting in summer and winter, seeing it crashing in is ironically calming but it’s also lovely to take a walk on the beach when the tide is out in the summer.

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