Seminyak, Bali

Bali Guide; Down South in Seminyak

Our third and final destination on our Balinese adventure was Seminyak. It was a toss up between Seminyak and Canggu but Seminyak seemed to be the most different to Ubud so that’s where we went. As much as I loved Ubud, I wanted to see the different sides of Bali and after spending a few days in Seminyak, I have to admit it’s not my favourite. I enjoyed our time here and it by no means hindered the experience but I wouldn’t put it on my list again. Seminyak is very ‘gap yar’. It’s a vibrant town, full of eateries and bars right on the coast offering large beaches which stretch down the coast allowing you to wander all the way to Canggu and beyond.

If you want a delicious vegan meal, a cocktail of an evening or a sunbathe on the beach, Seminyak is great but it doesn’t offer the culture or the Balinese spirit that Ubud did and that’s really what I came for. I would love to have seen Seminyak a few years back, I can only imagine it was a shadow of what it is today. It’s heavily built up now, full of fancy bikini stores, you can easily forget you’re not in a European city sometimes. Seminyak has it’s own markets althought smaller than Ubud. You will find the same things here but they are more expensive. A bag which was under £10 in Ubud here would be double so look out for that.

Seminyak is full of great places to stay whether you want relaxing, beach bar or infinity pools over looking the ocean. We stayed at Hotel Villa Lumbung which was perfect for us. It’s a few moments from the beach, the eateries and the main shopping square. It offers a large pool, delicious breakfast buffet and the rooms were very comfortable.

Around the corner you’ll find Bali Boat Shed which is a lovely little store selling clothes and bikinis for your Bali escape. Upstairs however is Neon Palms, an amazing spot for brunch decorated in jungle print. We sat in the window and you have the perfect view of the locals going about their business. I ate the French toast and it was fab! Pop to the loo – the decor is great for a little snap!

An instagram hot spot – Kynd Community. This place was right by our hotel and was tiny and crammed but delightful and delicious. It has since moved and expanded so it’s a must visit. We headed in for lunch and went with empty stomachs ready for a treat, I had the hummus toast and a Bali bowl which is a must here – look at that cute topping!

We had had some amazing healthy food and it was time for a little treat so we strolled down to Strawberry Fields and treated ourselves to burgers and fries – just look at that! This place has the coolest vibe and down the side has a large mural of Lennon himself.

I’d go as far as to say this was my favourite meal whilst in Bali, this is was Coffee Cartel and it was the vegan pancakes. I don’t really know what they were made out of but they were squishy and delicious and topped with the most amazing fruits, marshmallow and candy floss.

An instagram hot spot and another great place to eat, this is Sea Circus which like many of the other places, offers tasty brunch and lunch food. We had tacos and shared amongst us and washed it down with a very fresh juice.

There’s never a better way to cool down than with an ice cream and Mad Pops has a little store on the main shopping strip through Seminyak. It gets very busy here, to the point that there’s a sign which says one photo per person only! Queue up and prepare to get in and get straight back out, you may need to perfect your pose before so you don’t get it wrong!

Seminyak beach is huge and a short stroll from our hotel. One day we headed out, heavily suncreamed and walked along the stretch to Canggu. It was a hot walk but a great one, you wander passed many beach bars if you need to stop off for a drink and a freshen up. The sand is soft and there’s chairs and umbrellas to rent along the way.

As the sun sets so early, we caught sunset on the beach pretty much every day. It gets crowded as everyones around the beach area anyway so it’s not the most tranquil but it is a brilliant view.

One day we decided to have a little day trip down to Uluwatu to visit the temple. We hopped in a car and it took around 45 minutes to drive down there. The temple is a Hindu sea temple and is sat on a cliff side. You pay to enter the area and have to ensure your legs are covered so be prepared to be given a sarong if you are wearing shorts. The area is large and takes a few hours to stroll around but the views are beautiful and there are wild monkeys dotted around. After our stroll we headed back to the car park and were hot and sweaty so headed back to the hotel but you can make more of a day in Uluwatu if you’re prepared.

Overall Seminyak was beautiful but very commercialised and ‘instagram’ but I didn’t expect anything different. I would highly recommend visiting Ubud alongside Seminyak to see the drastic comparison and I’m sure you’ll fall for one or the other. If a fun night out, vegan brunch after crossfit or a cocktail in a pool in a beach bar are your thing, you will absolutely adore Seminyak!

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