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My Goals From January; How Did I Do?

Yes, it’s that time of year again and yes, I am a cliche goal maker. At the start of the year, I wrote this post where I discussed a few simple things I wanted to do this year. They were very achievable goals and intentions so I wanted to take the time to reflect and see what I did achieve and what I’ll be taking forward as we head in to yet another, new year.

Firstly, I discussed my intentions of doing Veganuary. That didn’t go so well, I lasted four days. I wanted to try Veganuary perhaps for the wrong reasons, I have no desire to be vegan or even vegetarian and I did it as more of a cleanse. I found myself seeking vegan options such as vegan crisps and biscuits which completely contradicted the intention. Needless to say, I didn’t try that again! As always, I head in to the new year on a quest to rebuild a healthier diet and something a bit more long term this time.

I mentioned utilising my lunch hours by listening to more podcasts and it’s safe to say that that is a true success. I have really fallen in love with podcasts and now religiously listen to the High Low, What We Said and Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum and On The Outskirts when they are in season. The amazing ladies behind the High Low recommend good podcasts as well such as a Dolly Parton series I’ve been listening to recently! Such a good way to relax and utilise what could be such wasted time.

I wanted to explore Cornwall more and again, I would call this a huge success! I have produced a lot of new content on here and on my Pinterest full of my Cornish travels. I have re-visited some favourite places such as Mousehole, St Ives and Port Isaac as well as exploring new beautiful places, some of my favourites being Coverack, Cadgwith, Kynance Cove and Pedn Vounder. To further explore creating Cornish content, I started an instagram account called Eat Drink Cornwall which showcases independent eateries within the county to help spread the love. I’ll definitely be taking this into 2020 and already have many places on my list!

Lastly I discussed my holidays and travels for the year. I headed to Marrakech in March with my Mum, it was absolutely beautiful and one of my favourite places I’ve ever visited. I still can’t get over how pretty the colours are when I flick back through my photos. I produced a lot of content from that trip too which you can find here. I was booked to head to Sri Lanka with my friend in June but after the tragedy at Easter, we reassessed our plans and headed to Thailand. Another incredible trip which you can read all about here. I also headed to Amsterdam again and Copenhagen, so a pretty fantastic year as far as travel was concerned! This coming year, I plan to do Sri Lanka again, this time in March with my Mum. In hindsight, this is a better time of year to head to the country so it may have worked out for the best! I would also love to get to another European city and potentially somewhere else in Asia.

All round pretty successful with the exception of the fact I cannot give up cheese, but we kinda knew that anyway!

Jenifer x


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