Koh Samui, Thailand

My Guide To Koh Samui, Thailand

When travelling Thailand and exploring the islands, it can be difficult to choose which ones to go for as the list feels never ending. As we only had two weeks to cover as much as possible, we went to some of the more traditional islands which as Phi Phi, Phuket etc. and we wanted to end our trip at Koh Samui, an island on the opposite side of Thailand.

To stay in Koh Samui, I found this beautiful place online called Khwan Beach Glamping Resort. I’ve done a full review post on this place here, it’s a gorgeous tranquil spot right by the beach and off the main busy strip.

Koh Samui feels more westernised than some of the other islands we had visited. Due to this, the eateries are a lot more glamorous and ‘instagram’ style but it also comes with a more western price tag! We headed out to The Social for breakfast, I had the French toast witch bacon and apple and my friend had avocado on toast and we both enjoyed a smoothie. The food was good but the best part was the decor and the view right over the water.

A short walk from The Social is Wat Plai Laem, a modern Buddhist temple on the water. This place is amazing, Thailand isn’t short of its fabulous temples but this was certainly my fave. This is free to enter and you can just wander in. My favourite parts of this temple are the large structures which jut out into the water, you have Guanyin with her many arms who is believed to be the protector of beings and unconditional love and then you have the lovely smiling Buddha.

Just like most Thai islands, the road sides are filled with beautiful shopping stalls and markets and Samui is no different.

Next up on our homemade walking tour was Big Buddha, you can walk from Wat Plai Laem to here if you’re careful along the road. Big Buddha is famous shrine with a 12 metre tall Buddha statue. Another free to enter site with an abundance of stalls and food spots dotted around if you want to spend some time here. Walk to the top and enjoy the view over the water.

There are taxi’s in abundance around the island and it’s pretty easy to navigate. They have a general set out cost structure for certain destinations so you can work out what the charges will be if you are staying a while. You can also rent scooters or get walking.

Before the sun set, we headed out for dinner and took a taxi down to the Fishermans Village. The Fishermans Village is a cool strip parallel to the water full of markets, food places and bars. We headed to The Address for pad Thai and curry and it was a beautiful setting.

Another popular place to head to in the Fishermans Village is Coco Tams for cocktails. They have the cutest nets hanging over the beach to relax and watch the sun setting – it gets busy though so plan accordingly!

Time to head a bit further in land and see a natural wonder. Koh Samui offers the overlap stone, a cool large boulder which has become a spot of interest. You can get a taxi out here and enjoy the area, you do need to pay the locals to enter.

One last evening in Koh Samui before we headed on an overnight ferry and bus back to Bangkok and we went back to The Fishermans Village and found a spot in The Seaside Steakhouse which we planned to stop and enjoy for a few hours as we had our luggage with us. This place was lovely and again with a beautiful view over the beach. I had the chicken tacos which were great!

Have you ever been to Koh Samui?

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