Land's End, Cornwall

Visit Cornwall; Land’s End

Land’s End, somewhere that most of us have heard of and somewhere that belongs to us here down in Cornwall. Land’s End is the most South Westerly point of England and is home to some of the most beautiful rugged coastline where you can look out and feel like you really are at the end of the world. I decided to take a visit for the first time and see what it was all about.

Land’s End is within the Penzance parish and you can access it pretty easily following the A30. As you can imagine, this iconic landmark is well signposted to locate. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought it would just be a rugged coastline and the infamous sign but I was very wrong – Land’s End is a full attraction to visit.

As you drive through, you pay on the gate to head in and park up. Walking through the attraction there is a kind of arcade feel full of eateries, shops and even a cinema. I wasn’t disappointed to see this spot being made so tourist friendly but I was surprised! We headed straight through the arcade towards the coastline and one you’re through, it does open up to the most beautiful views and rugged coast.

The sign itself is also a tourist attraction and to have a snap next to it, of course you must pay. Don’t worry too much though, you can get a pretty decent photo from the rope line like I did! There’s a few places to eat around here and the popular First and Last Inn for a drink so you can make a trip of it.

Despite the commercialisation which has hit this spot, the history around here is incredible with people visiting for over 300 years. The area is still privately owned as the National Trust was out bid back in 1987.

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