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The Help To Buy ISA & Why You Need One

How does free money sound? Pretty good huh? They say that nothing comes for free these days but I can assure you, with minimal effort, you can make yourself some free money and help you on your way to buying your first home. You may have heard of the Help To Buy schemes and you may well have thought, sounds like a good idea, I’ll get round to looking in to that at some point! But, you’re running out of time, get yourself sorted!

The government Help To Buy ISA is quite genuinely, free money. All you have to do is open up a Help To Buy ISA through your chosen bank, utilise the account by saving a set amount of money into the account on a monthly basis and when the time comes that you want to purchase your first home, close the account and request your free pounds! I know it sounds like I’m simplifying things but I tell you, I am not. I have done this myself, it’s tried and tested by me and many others. There’s a few rules, obviously, and a few tips I’ll give you to maximise this account.

The Help To Buy ISA is a savings account which, if the rules are followed, the government will give you 25% of what you save. The rules to follow are:

A few tips are:

There is literally no excuse and no reason why opening this account is not a good idea. If you buy a property – you get free money. If you decide not to buy a property – you’ve had a savings account which you have constant access to the funds.

I urge you to make an appointment with your bank and get one set up – I used Halifax and had the account set up within my lunch hour, super quick and I could have done it over the phone if I couldn’t get to the store!

Jenifer x


2 responses to “The Help To Buy ISA & Why You Need One”

  1. Katie Yvonne says:

    This was such an informative post Jenifer! My boyfriend and I are currently saving for a house and we opened one of these recently because as you said, there’s literallly no reason why not. It really is free money. I have a few friends at uni who aren’t thinking about purchasing yet but I still urged them to get one before the scheme ends!

    Thanks for your insight! Have a lovely day x

  2. BeccaLois Blogs says:

    I’ve just opened one this week, after it being on my to-do list for months! I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t, even if buying a propery seems miles off. Great tips! Beca x

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