Port Isaac, Cornwall

Postcards From Port Isaac, Cornwall

The quaint fishing village of Port Isaac, based on the North coast of Cornwall is not only a pretty place to visit. Port Isaac is both the location where Doc Martin is filmed and set as well as where the sea shanty band Fisherman’s Friends originated. Pretty cool huh? This small fishing port has definitely made a name for itself.

I took a trip up to the village one Saturday morning and had a peaceful stroll around taking in the stunning cottages, the coastal views and the tourist hot spots. Upon entering the village, you will find a car park based upon the cliff top, you can park here for £3 for three hours and you can pay with change or on the Parkonomy app. From here there’s a short stroll into the village, I would highly recommend parking here, accidentally finding yourself driving through the narrow streets could end up with you a bit sweaty and concerned for the well being of your car!

This small village offers a few sweet cafes, pubs, some craft shops and a beautiful coastal path walk which offers the finest view of the area! I would suggest coming with good footwear, prepare to wander around staring lovingly at all the cottages and a constant uttering of ‘I want that one!’

Doc Martin has been on television for years, it’s currently on its ninth series and the house in which with main character lives is a real house in Port Isaac. It’s a bit of a tourist trap, you will often find German or American visitors taking photos outside. It is an active holiday rental when filming isn’t taking place so if you’re a fan, worth checking it out!

Being a coastal fishing village, there is a beach of sorts. It’s a small pebbly beach but it allows dogs and is a lovely place to sit along the wall and have a picnic or a take away tea.

It was time to head for a bite to eat and there’s several options here in Port Isaac. If you want some fancy, Nathan Outlaw has a delicious fish restaurant in the heart of the village. There’s a few pubs dotted around and cafes, on this occasion we opted for the Krab Pot which offers several lunch options including special crab dishes and cream teas. I went for the ploughmans and my Mum had the soup – it was very tasty!

Overall, Port Isaac has to be one of my favourite Cornish spots and I would urge you to add it on your road trip if you’re visiting. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in one of the many holiday cottages here, I envy you, the feel of this spot is so lovely and cosy!

Jenifer x


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