Coverack, Cornwall

Postcards From Coverack, Cornwall

At any opportunity, I like to get out and explore little villages around Cornwall where I’ve never been before. Coverack was high up on my list and with a whole day free to travel down the county, I was heading straight there to enjoy a morning of pondering around, looking at the gorgeous thatched houses and enjoying the coastal view.

Coverack is a small coastal village and fishing port, it’s on the Lizard peninsula and based on the East side. It’s around 45 minutes drive from popular locations such as Truro, Falmouth and Penzance. It’s easily approached and as you enter the village, there’s a small carpark as well as many parking spots along the coastline.

You can park one end of Coverack and gently stroll along the beach front, taking in all the sights including the quaintest cottages. There’s a few cafe’s based along the village as well as a hotel, a pub and a restaurant called The Lifeboat House. You can make a very pleasant day in Coverack with benches along the coastal path overlooking the beach or ample spots to sunbathe in the summer!

The thatched cottages with pastel exteriors and blooming florals in their gardens really paints the picture of a fairytale village.

As well as being beautiful, Coverack is known for its fishing history and namely the Manacles, which are a cluster of dangerous rocks on the coastline of the Lizard peninsula which have been the reason for many shipwrecks throughout history.

Coverack is one of Cornwalls most precious villages and one well worth visiting if you’re in the area. Whether it’s a stop off for a morning coffee and a coastal stroll or an afternoon paddling in the water and a pint in the local pub, it’ll cater for whatever you’re after.

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  1. Cassie says:

    Such beautiful photos! This makes my homebody heart want to travel!

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