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Big City Lights? It’s A No From Me

I’m a trier by nature; often if I see someone doing something which interests or inspires me, I’ll give it a go instead of just admire from afar. That’s where my blogging life started, llymlrs came into our lives and instead of just reading her blog, I wanted people to read mine, so I started one! Several failed attempts at being an entrepreneur throughout my teens and I’m still here giving things a go for all but a week. That being said, there’s one thing that has never caught my eye and something I have no interest in trialling myself and that something, is moving to London.

I grew up on a farm in rural Cornwall; I never had neighbours, I couldn’t visit friends until I learnt to drive and you can bet your bottom dollar I was strongly in my teens before we had internet that didn’t screech out a noise whilst connecting that made you want to shiver. I knew growing up that this would always result one way or the other; I’d leave my countryside life for good or be hooked forever.

London, or bigger cities in general, offer more, there’s no question about that. More to do, more to see and ultimately more money to be made. Growing up, I learnt what really matters to me and what I wanted in life and that isn’t the big city lights. I understand why it draws some people in but personally, there’s simply more to life than rushing around, being ignored and black soot in your nose after a day out!

There’s an assumption made these days that you need to be in London to truly make it but I feel like it’s now more than ever proved untrue. With self employment and online creation growing and growing, it doesn’t matter where you are and opportunities lies anywhere. In my personal career, length of service offers so much more than location when it comes to financial benefit. This means that it doesn’t matter that I am based in a small market town in Cornwall, I’m rolling with the big dogs as far as I’m concerned!

I’m a home bird through and through, despite my love of travelling and exploration. Nothing makes me happier than walking outside on a warm morning, tea in hand, watching the birds on my feeder and sheep grazing in the fields surrounding me. London can never give me this, it’ll never offer me what makes me truly happy.

This ramble is essentially saying that you do not need to give in to the draw of the big city to feel successful. If that’s you and the busy lifestyle drives you, then that is brilliant. But if it doesn’t, do not feel bad or like you can’t achieve the same success as those who are! Everyones priorities are different, everyones goals are their own and whatever path you go on to get there, it is yours and own it. Never feel belittled by those who live in the big city, we are all the same and embrace the opportunities around you, whenever you call home.

Jenifer x


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    I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself? Plz reply back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know wheere u got this from. thanks

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