Cadgwith, Cornwall

Postcards From Cadgwith, Cornwall

Cornwall is well known for being quaint but even I, a born and bred Cornish maid, I was surprised to see just how quaint Cadgwith is. Cadgwith is a small fishing village on the Lizard peninsula which is the most Southerly point of the UK and of Cornwall. It’s made up of a cluster of beautiful thatched houses, a fishing cove and a pub. It’s nowhere you will drive through or stumble upon which adds to its charm as it’s very untouched and unspoilt.

I’d seen photos of this beautiful village online so headed out at the first sign of some sun. It’s easy to find and well signposted once you’re near The Lizard. The village has a carpark at the top of the village where you need to pay to park. Note that there’s no parking in the village itself unless you’re staying there so park up here and take the scenic stroll down. 

The first thing that takes your eye is the thatched cottages which is something I’ve never seen by the coast before. There’s nothing quainter than some thatched cottages and with the background of the sea, you can’t get better!

Cadgwith is a fishing village and you’ll note all the boats and crabbing gear around the coastline. There’s a crab shop in the village and two restaurants which sell the local fresh crab.

The village has no harbour so the boats pull straight into the cove and are kept on the pebble beach which just adds to the beauty. You can wander down to the beach and dip your toes in the sea.

Heading around the cove, you’ll find a coastal path which leads you up to the most perfect spot to stop and take in the view.

For lunch, we opted for The Old Cellars restaurant and had a panini and fish and chips. The lunch was good and reasonably priced plus with a view through to the cove, you can’t go wrong! If you are heading down for the day, I would recommend packing a picnic as a picnic lunch would be gorgeous over the cliff walk.

I hope you enjoy my Postcards from Cadgwith and be sure to head down for a delightful afternoon!

Jenifer x


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  1. This place looks gorgeous. Next time I am down in Cornwall I will deffo be swinging by to take in the news.

    CM |

  2. Greg says:

    Beautiful. We’ve gave money to secure the buildings for the community and hope to visit some time. I am also a watercolour painter. Can I have your permission to use your photos as references for paintings?

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