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Why I Stopped Following Big Influencers

The world of blogging, youtube-ing and influencing is still largely unknown and it’s also forever changing. The latest shift I have noticed is a rise in the micro influencer and the stagnation of the bigger vessels. I starting on this journey ten whole years ago, of course it’s a different world since then but it plateaued for a while with the same big names sitting at the top but now it’s changed dramatically within the last year.

We all started out the same, no followers and posting whatever we liked at the time but throughout the years the giants of influencing have now become a phenomenon and are essentially, the new celebrity. They may say they’re not, but they are. They go to the same events, they’re dressed by designers, earning money from advertising – it’s all the same thing. But there comes a point where you’re no longer aspiring to be these people and what they do simply does not inspire or interest you anymore.

It is always fun to look at beautiful gowns, expensive jewellery, big houses and luxury hotels but there’s a time and a place and for me, that is simply not every moment I spend on social media anymore. The comparison issue is rising and one simple way to stop it is to stop following these influencers or at least, less of them. I have no joy (thanks for that one Marie!) in looking at By Terry make up on someone’s facial-everyday face because I can’t afford to buy that every few months. I don’t want to see luxury floating pods in the Maldives because I don’t see the adventure in it and I don’t feel inspired what so ever by expensive designer fashion when ASOS provides me the goods at a fraction of the price and no guilt or fear to wear it whilst eating tomato pasta.


I’ve recently made a conscious effort to up my interaction with others on instagram and twitter because quite frankly you can’t expect it if you don’t give it and I wasn’t understanding that. That being said, there’s a number of people online who have a significantly stronger space than me but they always reply, interact and make you feel good. However, I didn’t realise this was the case until I stopped and thought back, I have commented, asked direct questions to and supported a number of ‘bigger’ influencers recently and I have received didly squat back – I don’t expect a shout out to your 200k followers but a simple thank you would be nice! You’re only there because of followers so don’t beat the stick that feeds you, darlings. I’m not bitter, I promise! And I will say, these aren’t people with 500k+ followers either, I know it may take an evening to reply to all their messages but I personally believe that’s a very important and successful use of their time.

The purpose of this ramble-come-rant is to look at the growing market for micro-influencers and it’s not hard to see why. These people have loyal following, create relationships with their followers and it’s more friends with mutual interests than some of these queen statuses with everyone below bowing down. This industry began on inspiring others on a level playing field – I remember fashion blogging back in 2010 was all about what you found in the charity shops, cutting up old shirts to make them more edgy and hand crafting those collar pins out of earrings. New in was what was in the drug store, there were more communities in blogging and people made true friendships. Times change, the economic world has changed and I take that on board but I know the core of this industry is still there it’s just being hidden and overshadowed by bigger players. It’s our job to ensure we keep eachother motivated, inspired and help each other ensure our passions don’t fade out through discouragement.

Jenifer x


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  1. sophie says:

    I always have a refresh of the people I follow as they maybe don’t inspire me anymore or bigger followings just don’t make the same effort back. This is totally okay as you always need to feel your feed with people who inspire you and content you want to see.

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