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Five Podcasts To Listen To

I always thought if I had the freedom to be on my phone, I’d always either me scrolling the online shops or watching a youtube video. However, times have changed! It took me a while to get into podcasts, I’m quite a visual person so I struggled with paying attention without being able to watch anything but after discovering a few brilliant podcast channels, I am a changed woman. Every day on my lunch break, I now retire to the back and pop on a podcast to keep me company, here’s a few of my favourites!

What We Said

I’ve been following Jaci Marie Smith on Instagram for a while now and she’s so talented with her photography and styling, she is the epitome of the American dream girl! She has a podcast with her friend, Chelsey, called What We Said and it’s one of my favourites. They touch on so many different subjects from blogging and influencers, travelling and personal topics such as getting married young. One of my favourite episodes from them is called ‘ Mormon Culture’, I was absolutely fascinated in their experiences growing up mormon whilst developing in the modern world. It’s exceptionally personal and touching to listen to, I highly recommend all their episodes but that one in particular really hit me in the feels.

Kinging It

My latest obsession is travel influencers; it’s all I want to watch and now all I want to hear about! Kinging It are a hilarious couple from Wales, exploring the highs and lows of travelling. I love them because they’re normal people from a normal background, no luxury travel, no picture perfect at every occasion. They’re raw and real and their podcast is too. You will be in stitches listening to these guys; they’ve just finished their first series and I’m already excited for the next. They take you through their journey, how to start a youtube, travel fears and a few features from fellow travellers.

Keeping It Candid

The ultimate bloggers podcast. I’m sure you know who Sophie and Milly are already, their podcast highlights the life of a blogger and the ups and downs of making it your career. It’s a very raw insight into their lives and how the inner workings of blogging and influencing really works. The girls are very honest in their podcast, they’ve touched on how much they really earn and spend, how much they charge and the negatives working with some brands. They’ve featured numerous other influencers and always discuss the current pop culture topics, which I love! I work with all men so a lunch break with these girls, listening to the latest trends and flops in the blogosphere is always gratefully received!

Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

Who can resist a podcast all about powerful women in the industry, how they got there, what they have planned and tips for the journey? Rebecca Minkoff gives you all that and more with this podcast. With guests such as Lauren Conrad, Samantha Barry and Elisa Kreisinger it covers all aspects of womanhood and discovering how and what got them to where they are. It’s incredibly inspirational and very well produced.

The Creative Leap

Cat Byrne, creater of Gatto, brings a podcast which features a new guest each episode, all based around the influencer industry. They discuss their inspirations and thoughts on where everything is going and I personally love hearing people talk about their experiences. I don’t know anyone in ~real life who is part of this scene so I enjoy having podcasts like this on in the background to keep the conversation flowing. Some of my favourite episodes include Ella Masters, Megan Ellaby and Jess Gibson.

There’s so many more I could mention but the above never fail me, I can put on any episode whilst I’m relaxing or driving and I won’t lie, some I’ve listened to more than once! If you have any others to recommend, please share!

Jenifer x


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  1. sophie says:

    podcasts are something I want to start listening to, so this is a good insight in where to start.

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