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Corners Of My Home with Homesense

I don’t know if it’s my age (twenty six this week..) but my priorities have taken a massive shift in the last few years. Aside from the odd mascara because mines gone dry or some new blouses for work, the only thing I have interest in buying and researching online is homewares. Nothing makes me happier than spending a Sunday in rearranging my shelves or watering the plants – and I know I’m not alone! When it comes to homewares, there simply is no where better than Homesense, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite corners of my home featuring some Homesense treasures!

When I was styling my kitchen, I knew I wanted open shelving with lots of glass jars housing pasta, rice and spices. I picked up loads of different shaped and sized jars form Homesense and they are very affordable. They are so simple yet so effective. I also love Homesense for cookbooks like my Home Baked book full of gorgeous desserts and this Jones clock which matches the gold touches perfectly.


Something Homesense is famed for is it’s incredible candle collection. All different scents, colours and sizes can be found in store and I love changing the candles up to match the season. As we have just had Autumn Winter, I loved collecting spiced scents and pumpkin. Another candle I recently picked up is this Himilayan salt candle which is so cool. Apparently its good for purifying the air, so I’m happy with that!

Similar to cookbooks, Homesense offers stacks of amazing travel books. I love coffee table books and there’s nothing better than beautiful travel photography to flick through. I have found an abundance of Lonely Planet books in store and every time I find a new one I love adding it to my collection.

I must say, my most favourite Homesense find to date is this wall hanging. I am obsessed with weaves and wall hangings, I think they’re so beautiful and interesting. When I found this absolutely perfect piece in a local store, I grabbed it without even looking at the price. When I got to the till I realised I’d scored this bad boy for twelve pounds down from one hundred! It is my absolute pride and joy. I also picked these leaf print cushions up from Homesense, perfect to tie in the green from my house plants.

I may have been banging on about my house plants and I do have plenty dotted around the place. But I am also partial to a fake plant or two for you know, ease. Homesense do amazing fake plants which look great for such affordable prices. I paid under twenty pounds for this beauty and it’s only when up close you realise it’s not real. My living room is very warm as I have an open fire which I’m obsessed with so real plants don’t do so well which makes this little lovely the perfect alternative.

Talking of plants, I love to cover my plant pots with these rattan baskets for a laid back California vibe. I also grabbed this rug, Homesense have an amazing collection of rugs, I frequently find myself longing for more floor space just so I can buy more but alas I settle with this one for now.

Being a hoarder of sorts (I just love stuff, okay!) I needed more storage space but couldn’t house a large set of drawers due to lack of space. I found these rattan boxes on the Homesense website and they were the answer to my prayers! They fit so much, perfect for shoes, scarves or pyjamas. I have another one in the spare room where I keep my kettlebells (that rarely leave the box but that’s another story!), they’re ideal for hiding less attractive items that come with day to day life.

Finally, my bathroom. Homesense found it’s way in here too of course! As previously mentioned for their baskets and rattan storage, I picked up these to house my towels and to keep my body products tucked neatly out of the way. The variety in sizes and shapes means you are sure to find one that fits any space you have.

I hope you enjoyed having a snoop around some corners of my home and my favourite finds from Homesense. I love nothing more than a good shop and like most people, I never come out empty handed! Let me know what your favourite Homesense find is!

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