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Yes To Detoxifying Charcoal Face Masks For Your #facetox (ad)

When it comes to home pampering, there’s nothing more achievable than a night in with a face mask. You feel like a goddess who worships her own skin yet in reality, you’re in your pyjamas, watching Friends back to back and you’ve only spent a couple of pounds on the luxury. There’s so many good things on the market but I must say, I will always reach for a charcoal mask if the option is available. That’s why when Yes To got in touch and offered me a try of their charcoal masks as part of the #facetox campaign, I was all ears!

Yes To Tomatoes – Detoxifying Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Available to buy here in a tube for £11.99 

Who doesn’t love and get a bit excited when they have a peel off mask? It’s like skincare and a fun game rolled into one! Silliness aside, this mask was an absolute dream. I was lucky enough to get this in a single use mask sachet but I’ll for sure be picking this up in the tube to reuse weekly. It’s so easy to use, just apply to the areas needed, I focussed on my T-Zone, leave to dry and then peel off slowly. My skin looked noticeably smoother once I had removed the mask and it came off so cleanly!

Yes To Tomatoes – 2-Step Nose Kit Buh Bye Clogged Pores!

Available to buy here for £4.99

When it comes to clogged pores, our noses are generally the worst area. I know that I often catch myself in the magnified mirror and spot a blackhead or two. I love these 2-Step nose kits, such a nifty way to do a nose strip without having to spend out on a whole pack. The set comes with a sachet of the mask, a large cotton swab to apply it with and the strip. You start with cleansing your nose with the mask, wash off and apply the strip. After just ten minutes it’s ready to be removed and your nose will be softer than ever.

Yes To Tomatoes – Detoxifying Charcoal Sleeping Mask

Available to buy here for £2.99 

I was most intrigued when I read about this mask; a sleeping overnight mask isn’t something I’ve had before or ever considered. It combines detoxifying charcoal and salicylic acid to fight your blemishes overnight – wining! The mask comes with a little sachet of the product; it’s a lovely thick cream which absorbs straight into the skin. It applies clear so there is nothing on your pillow when you wake up. There’s something about applying a product overnight which makes it feel like it’s going to work better than a ten minute treatment and I must say, my skin was dreamy when I woke up! This is definitely one I’ll be purchasing again!

Thank you to Yes To for gifting me these lovely masks and allowing me to have some much needed self care moments. These are all available to buy for such affordable prices and Yes To have an amazing collection of masks throughout their ranges in one use sachets and tubes for multiple use.

You can find the full Charcoal collection here

The full collection is available to buy on here starting at £2.99.

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