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Bali Guide; Where To Get Your Instagram Photos

Bali is the place to holiday whether you are a spiritual yogi, aspiring photographer, world explorer or creative instagrammer! I don’t holiday for instragram but I definitely use Instagram to find funky spots, hidden gems and new activities to try and for my trip to Bali last year, I spent a lot of time on the old ‘gram doing research. I find myself more often than I care to admit, scrolling back through my Bali snaps and it always gets me smiling so I thought I’d share my favourite photos I captured and some helpful hints on the places I found which offer the best for your feed!

Outside Sea Circus

In the heart of Seminyak, you’ll find Sea Circus which is a brunch and dinner joint. I’d seen these photos before and was so keen to find this fabulous backdrop but in all honesty – you could walk past this and miss it! Sea Circus is right on the road side so it’s not too easy to get a snap as it’s super busy both on the road and on the pavement so make sure you’re ready to hit that pose!

Graffiti on Jl. Kayu Cendana

I stumbled upon this whilst walking from our hotel to Seminyak Square. Not something I had seen on Instagram before and it’s even on google street view so it’s been there a while! I just thought it was really cool and made a really different backdrop for a quick snap of my dress. This is also on the roadside so careful as you go but it’s not as busy as Sea Circus!

Cafe Cartel

Not only the best meal I had during our entire two week trip but a beautiful cafe for your snaps. I grabbed a pic of my delicious pancakes and ensured I took benefit of the lovely floor tiles and the pink chinaware. There’s also a murial on the side of the wall outside which you can find photos of here. We did head over for breakfast to get some photos but the sun was directly in our eyes so the photos were pants and badly shadowed on the wall – my tip is go after midday when the sun is behind the cafe!

Pool Side

Do not forget to grab a photo at your hotel. You will be hard pushed to find a hotel in Bali which isn’t Insta-worthy as everything is so beautiful so make sure you get your creative juices flowing and have a little shoot at home. We were staying in Wapa Di Ume in Ubud, full review here.

Strawberry Fields

A little wander outside of Seminyak and we found Strawberry Fields. Super green and full of Bali vibes inside but our favourite spot for a photo was by the doorway featuring these strawberry neon lights. There’s also a John Lennon murial on the other wall outside, I’ve got a photo of that here.


Ensuring the elephants are being as well looked after as possible, given the circumstances, grab a photo of them in a warm embrace. I know it’s not their natural habitat but a deep love for these creatures does make it hard not to want to get up close and personal with them. This was at an Elephant rehab centre near Ubud.

Doorways in Canggu

Every doorway is stunning in Canggu, from the colours to the carvings and the gorgeous florals around it. Have a wander and be prepared to take some doorway snaps which will always have the envy of the classic London doorway.

Kynd Cafe

Everyones favourite haunt, Kynd Cafe is everything Instagram demands. The colours, the food styling, the wall paintings – it’s all dreamy. Since we visited, Kynd has moved locations to a much bigger venue which is brilliant as this one was very small and you could not get close to the infamous wall. It now offers sunflower paintings and a massive rattan swing – amazing!

Mad Pops Seminyak

This was one of the strangest experiences I’ve done for the sake of an Instagram but I love the way it came out and I’m glad I did it. Mad Pops in Seminyak is a tiny roadside ice cream bar where everyone who ventures in finds themselves stuck in this corner under the neon lights grabbing a photo. It’s very small and the queue is massive but head over at opening to not be waiting too long. You may even notice the sign behind me which says keep your photoshoots to a minimum – what have we become!

Kelingking Beach

It’s breathtaking and the perfect Instagram for explorers. For this one you will need to head to Nusa Penida island, find my guide on that here. The walk all the way down is very difficult, but this viewpoint is a safer option. Get it on the way down as on the way up you may look a little worse for wear!

Neon Palms

We stumbled upon this cute little brunch spot in Seminyak. It is based above a clothing shop and has the coolest decor. I had the French toast for breakfast which was delicious! Plus head into the bathrooms for a selfie as the wallpaper is so pretty!

Bintang Bungalows

As soon as I saw these Bungalows where we stayed in Nusa Penida, I knew they would be the perfect backdrop for a few snaps. I perched on the steps outside but feel free to get creative!


I couldn’t stop photographing the beautiful blooms over in Bali. Everywhere you look there’s flowers in the most amazing bright colours. Make sure to grab a snap of one which has dropped off the tree to show people what paradise really looks like.

Bali Swing

I did go on the swing but I personally didn’t like the photos enough to post to my feed. What I loved most about the Bali Swing experience is the location. When you get inside, there’s an abundance of view points to pose and get shots from, the greenery below is so luscious, wear something bright to contrast for the best photo.

Uluwatu Temple

Taking a trip down to Uluwatu was so wonderful. The Temple itself is small and protected but if you follow the pathway around, you’ll find yourself at these view points where you can grab some snaps with yourself, the lush blue waters and the temple in the distance.

Hotel Suite

Similar to my point about the pool, if you’re enjoying the luxury of a beautiful Indonesian hotel, why not take some photos to remind yourself. Hope on the bed and start posing.


If you want something more photographic, be sure to head up to the North for Lovina beach at sunrise. The sun has never looked so large, bright or red as it did there. I would highly recommend this if you have the time, you won’t forget how peaceful it is!

I hope you enjoyed my little run down of some of my favourite snaps and where to get them! I would love to know if you have any different locations, be sure to share in the comments!

Jenifer x


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