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Reflecting On January 2019

One month down; twenty nineteen is well underway. January has felt like a substantial month and despite the fact this was difficult on week six since pay day, I appreciate it as I hate nothing more than seeing time pass me by. I want to start doing monthly round ups here on my website, to discuss what has been happening but also to remind me what I’ve been up to as who can remember thirty days ago!

I started January with a New Years resolution of ‘Veganuary’, I’m not interested in a vegan diet but I thought it would be a good way to detox after the festive period and hey, just a challenge for a gal obsessed with chocolate! I lasted four days. Yes, you heard right – four days! Not because I couldn’t hack the diet as a lot of meals I make anyway are plant based but I found it expensive. I probably didn’t research enough but I found buying fresh fruit and vegetables and vegan alternatives pretty pricey. I have made a conscious effort to eat less dairy though as cheese is no-ones friend all the time.

I wanted to start utilising my lunch hours more and start listening to Podcasts. I haven’t managed to get out and stroll on my lunch hour as office wear is not appropriate for the frost! I have been listening to a Podcast each day and I have been loving it. I’ve found several new shows which I’ll be writing about and sharing soon.

A big resolution for this year is to explore Cornwall more. I have made a list on my phone of every bay around the Cornish coast and it is my intention to tick every single one off this year. I’ll be able to make the most of this during Summer as I want to see these places in their best, not on a grey drizzly day but I am very exciting to get it going. I am so proud to be from Cornwall and I need to ensure I can give advise on any area people wish to visit. I also want to make this website a one stop Cornwall destination, I have a tab at the top based on Cornwall and I do intend to have all sorts of travel advise and reviews on here.

In January I also wanted to get my home finished. I can’t wait until my home is finalised and I don’t want to move anything around or change anything. I finally purchased furniture for the spare bedroom and I’ve made a start on the garden. I’m almost there, just waiting for a Juniqe order for some prints in the hallway and one last little trip to Homesense for office accessories. I’ll be sharing a lot more of my home once this is finished.

I booked my holidays for this year in January. I’ll be heading to Marrakech with my Mum in March, Sri Lanka with my friend in June and Norway with Alex in November. I’m so excited for each holiday and I love that they’re all going to be so different. Travel is my favourite thing and having these to look forward to keeps a massive smile on my face. I’ve finalised my Sri Lanka itinerary and need to get moving on my Marrakech plans!

I’ve become so inspired for my little space on the internet too, I have fifteen drafts waiting to be published and I couldn’t be any giddier! I love feeling creative and making my website feel like an extension of me. I’m slowly but surely getting my head around SEO and DA and I’m very excited to see where I can take this this year!

To finish off I wanted to discuss a few intentions for February. It’s a few days in already, we’ve had a crazy snow storm here in North Cornwall and I have been a bit all over the place over the last few days because of it. It’s defrosted now so I’m feeling back on track. I’m happy to have nearly finished my Barbour series and I look forward to more content coming through. For February, I want to finish my home office, start road running and prepare for my holiday to Marrakech in March.

Jenifer x


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