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Postcards From Manchester

It was time for our annual visit to ‘the North’, Alex’s birthday falls on the eighteenth of December so we often travel back to his homeland around this time of year to visit. We decided this time to coincide the visit with a stay in Manchester, a city that I’ve always longed to explore. There’s so much Manchester has to offer, from it’s rich history of music and sport to the architecture and classic red brick and the unstoppable passion from the locals. We had two days to give it a good wander and here’s what I got up to.

I knew the worker bee was an iconic symbol of Manchester but I didn’t appreciate just how many you find dotted around the city. From graffiti to pavements and imprints on every road sign you see.

Manchester has gorgeous coffee shops and brunch spots on every corner but I’d made a little list before we came so we didn’t dawdle around too much unsure which one to choose. Ezra and Gill was top of my list and I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted cinnamon and plum French toast on the menu!

Around the corner was Fred Aldous, the best stationary shop you’ll ever see. Inside they also have two vintage photo booths which we had to go in. It’s three pound a go and you can choose either black and white or colour.

Heading out for the evening! We started in Albert Schloss but it was incredibly busy given it was a Friday night and so close to Christmas. It’s stunning in there and I’m jealous of everyone who has it around the corner but we swiftly shot off to Jimmys for a more chilled beer and some live music.

I simply must get a neon light after lusting after all these in Jimmys.

In the centre we found a gorgeous Christmas market, complete with more mulled wine than you could need, grilled cheese sandwiches, sausages and plenty of dessert.

For dinner on the Friday we headed to Yard & Coop, another place I had on my list. They’re a buttermilk fried chicken place and it was delicious. I had a wrap and Alex had chicken, gravy and chips – so Northern!

There’s so much talent in Manchester, the graffiti is literally a work of art!

I fell in love with Manchester and I knew I would. The vibe, the friendly locals and the beautiful streets. I will certainly be back and it’s reminded me how much I need to start exploring the UK more!

Places we went:

Ezra & GilFred AldousEvelynsJimmys NQAlbert SchlossYard & Coop

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