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Bali Guide; Wapa Di Ume Resort & Spa Review

It’s 3o’clock in the morning, I left home over 24 hours ago. Travelled to the airport, first flight of twelve hours, wait in the Philipines, three further hours on a plane and then a two hour drive to the villa. As you can imagine, I was shattered, slightly delusional and desperate for some sleep. The moment we pulled in to Wapa Di Ume resort and we were escorted through the moonlit passageways draped with vines and beautiful flowers, tiny little lizards scuttle away from you and there’s a relaxing sound from the water features. I may have been sleep deprived but I was suddenly wide awake with sheer excitement and awe.

Now, I’m a pretty inexperienced traveller, if there’s a Premier Inn or Ibis around, I usually take it so stepping into Indonesia and experience such beauty was light years away from anything I thought I would experience. When booking our Bali adventure, we decided to go a little fancy whilst in Ubud. The resorts are incredible and we couldn’t resist. I stumbled upon Wapa Di Ume after reading Carly Rowena’s review and I am so happy I did!

Wapa Di Ume is a resoprt and spa in Ubud. There’s no shortage of them around but our taxi driver told us on the way that Wapa is a good one, and boy was he right! The resort offers two shared pools, one with the most ridiculous inifinty edge which drops down into the jungle like wilderness below. There’s a very good restaurant which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner aswell as drinks and cocktails all day long. A spa, wedding hosting, gym, views across the rice paddies and the peace and tranquillity you can only dream of.

After the staff dropped off our bags, we started running around the room shouting ‘oh my gosh have you seen this!’ ‘there’s robes!’ and ‘shit, we have a private pool!’ we gathered ourselves and had to force ourselves to sleep, knowing that the sooner we fell asleep, the sooner we would be waking up in utter paradise. I set my alarm early for the next day, I couldn’t risk the jet lag keeping me asleep until lunch time and missing out. I can still remember the feeling after I pulled back the mosquito net, slid the door open to the terrace and stepped out into the hot air and saw the pool and the view for the first time in the daylight.

We were booked into a private pool double room with paddy field views. Each room has it’s own private open entrance, decorated in petals and insence. The pathway leads round into the terrace which hosts a private pool, sun loungers and the most romantic dining spot with mood lighting, views and blankets. Inside the room we had a large double bed, plenty of seating, vanity space, wardrobe and outside open shower and bath – dreamy. I honestly cannot fault Wapa Di Ume one single bit, they were perfect. Down to the little touches of a typed letter with my name on it left on the bed, a turn down service, slippers, daily fruit platters and the nicest hospitality I have ever encountered.

Wapa Di Ume is approximately 1 and a half miles away from the centre which hosts the art market. It’s perfectly walkable as it’s relatively flat however the roads aren’t built quite like ours, there’s no sidewalk and the travel is very heavy the closer you get to the centre. Wapa offer an on the hour shuttle service into Ubud and back again and it was the best thing that happened to us all holiday, we used it at least once a day and it was like clockwork. The shuttle ride takes about 5 minutes so you’re there in no time. The shuttle was a mini bus with air con (hurrah!) and seated about seven people however their laws are slightly different and they’ll squeeze you in if you fit! The shuttle was a life saver as the sun sets in Bali around 6pm so walking back in the dark would have been a little uncomfortable.

We were based in Ubud for four nights as we hoped around the island. Each morning you have breakfast up in the restaurant, the breakfast is included in the room price and is delicious. You can choose from a set menu or al a carte. We opted for set menu each day as we wanted to fill up for the days ahead. The menu we opted for included granola and fruit, fruit platter, pastrys and full ‘english’ cooked breakgast. Teas, fruit juices and extras were on tap and the staff couldn’t be more helpful. They also offer to package up your breakfast to take it out with you on your explorations which we didn’t release so take full advantage of  that! As we weren’t in Ubud for long, we ventured into the centre for our evening meals however we were recommended eating at the hotel as people come from far to eat at their restaurant.

I absolutely loved my stay at Wapa Di Ume, I wish we had longer there to really relax and I’d be back in a heart beat. It’s wholely worth the money and the staff are so helpful and friendly, you feel very comfortable. Since our visit, Wapa has opened up a second resort on the East of the Island in Sidemen, I would love to try this resort out as well as if its anything like the one in Ubud, it’ll be fabulous.

Some little tips for any future visitors;

I hope anyone planning a trip may find this helpful, do let me know if you’ve been or want to! I welcome any questions.

Wapa Di Ume website

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