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Five Life Lessons I Learnt From The Hills

For all of us who lived through the years of The Hills, which may I just add ended eight years ago(!!), watching these kids go through their life ups and downs was quite a pinnacle moment. We have the reality shows of today but way back when, these guys weren’t social media celebs like we see these days, for sure they were privileged but it was much more than who’s sleeping with who. Lauren and the gang led us through and there was a lot to learn along the way, here’s a little run down of five of the best things I learnt from (binge) watching The Hills.

Those Who Matter, Won’t Stop You From Succeeding

In the early days, Lauren had just started out at Teen Vogue and was smashing it. Her success lead her to being offered an internship in Paris but she was fighting with herself as to whether she should go to Paris or spend the summer with her than boyfriend, Jason. Lauren didn’t go to Paris and it turned out to not be the best option as it affected her career and her boyfriend ended up leaving her anyway.

I do agree that sometimes family is more important than your career, as important as it is to achieve your goals and succeed, you also need to ensure you are doing what is right for you and whatever will ultimately make you happiest. That being said, a scenario like the one Lauren saw herself in is the perfect way to tell whether your partner has your best interests at heart. Yes being apart for a season is hard and it might be tough but it’s temporary and your individual success is also the success of your partnership. Had Jason encouraged Lauren to go to Paris, despite wanting to selfishly keep her to hisself, the story could have worked out very differently. Do you, and if someone won’t stand by you whilst you do, they don’t have your best interests at heart and ultimately, they never will. Bin them.

Friendship Break Ups Happen

It’s an infamous moment in all us nineties kids lives, Lauren’s classic ‘I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you’ (gasps). Lauren found herself having to end her friendship with Heidi due to her sucky boyfriend and Heidi’s damaging attitude. It was hard, you could see that and Heidi and Co came back to bite her as much as they could but it was the right thing and Lauren blossomed as a result.

Being friends with someone can be the result of complete habit. You’ve known them since primary school or your parents are close friends but there is nothing making you be friends with anyone and a damaging friend can be more poisonous than a damaging partner. It doesn’t matter how many people surround you, what’s important is that whoever does surround you, is worthy of your time and love. You may be aware that your friendship isn’t good for you or it may hit you like a ton of bricks but a breakup may change your life. Let them go.

Work Friends Can Make The Best Friends

Lauren had a habit of being friends with crazy people, those she knew from college or those she met along the way and they were very rarely without drama. Later through the seasons she began working with Whitney, a quite and relatively retiring woman who seemed, and proved to be, pretty drama free.

You meet so many people at work, those older than you, younger, with different backgrounds, beliefs or goals but you will always find a common ground with a work friend. You sit with one another day in day out and you will find yourself talking about things you don’t normally tell people but this vulnerability and honesty draws you close and you will end up close friends with people you never thought you would be.

We All Get Embarrassed, Laugh It Off

The former mentioned Whitney found herself on stage wearing a gorgeous gown being filmed on live American TV. Whilst working it, she took a tumble and you could see her whole life crumble apart in her own head.

As embarrassing as it must be, no one really cares unless it happens to them. Get yourself up, brush yourself off and carry on, fretting about things and reliving them in your own head only stops you from moving forward.

The Bigger Person Will Leave Quietly

The final scene for Lauren saw her leaving Heidi’s wedding through the side door, a massive deal and what a classy thing to do. Heidi and her new husband had tormented Lauren for years and she could have made a massive scene and probably justifiably so! But, classic Lauren with her lady like nature, she sat quietly through the ceremony and left swiftly afterwards through the side door.

As tempting as making a massive fuss is, as much as we all recite arguments in our heads and plan our big shut downs, there’s nothing more satisfying than walking away and letting whoever has made us so frustrated in the first place, not have the satisfaction of making you waste your time thinking about them.

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