Amsterdam, Netherlands

Postcards From Amsterdam

When Alex and I had a long weekend booked off work, it took approximately three seconds to agree on spending that time in our little home away from home, Amsterdam. We visited there last year, it was my first time but Alex had been several times before. I fell head over heels for the whole city and everything it had to office. The vibe, the architecture, the attitude of the locals, the colours. I find it hard to explain exactly why I love Amsterdam so much but those who have been there, I’m sure you understand. So, we hopped on a plane and began our little exploration for three full days in the City. I won’t bore you with my weeping about how much I love it there too much, but keep scrolling for some snaps I took along the way.

This was the first time trying an infamous dutch apple pie. 10/10 for sure. I can’t remember the cafe where we had this but they’re not hard to find in the city.


Amsterdam is full of beautiful blooms, from the amazing floating flower market to the tulip beds along the canal side.

I even picked up some dry flowers to take home. FYI – you can fly with flowers, one of the only things google hasn’t been able to tell me, I spent the whole trip home thinking I was going to be told off.

Last time we were here, we headed to Staring At Jacob, a delightful canal side brunch spot but unfortunately last time it was closed under renovation. This time we b-lined straight there – have you ever had fried chicken for breakfast? If not, do it.

So there’s a few snaps from my little trip away, I hope you enjoyed them. I can see us visiting Amsterdam many more times and I’ll always come back with rolls upon rolls of snaps – it’s just too beautiful. If you’re heading to Amsterdam and you want some tips, hit me up as I’ve got loads!

Jenifer x


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