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Celebrating Mundane; The Little Things I Love

There’s something beautiful about the ideal of writing lists each day of the things that make you smile; I am totally sold on the benefits and I do think it’s really important to pay attention to those small flutters of happiness – but the realist in me says it’s not necessarily my best use of time. Besides, I have quite the routine so naming a hand full of different things, each and everyday could be pushing it a little bit! That in mind, I thought I’d share a few random things which to most people could be deemed as mundane or boring but hey, they do make me smile.

I try to be super organised and pre-plan my lunches for the week. I work in an office so it’s essential to have a nice lunch to look forward to because lets face it, on the slow days it does get you through the morning! Nothing makes me happier than feeling like a well rounded, effortlessly organised woman like having a healthy lunch pre-prepared to pop in my bag of a weekday morning. I totter off and slide my little lunch box into the work fridge like no one can stop me. Sometimes though, I dash out the door with a box of Special K under arm, so those days I feel a little less like Wonderwoman.

You may plant it by dampening some kitchen roll and there’s little to no skill in the planning, but I tell you what, eighteen year old me would not have thought I would get quite as excited as I do when my cress grows. Don’t hate on me, you cannot deny the joy when one day you’re minding your own business and the next your cress is sprouting like a blossoming poppy field. Will I ever use it to make a sandwich? Probably not but hopefully when the delivery man pops round, he’ll see it and think I’m a domestic goddess.

Ever queued at a retail shop and remembered at the last moment that you have a loyalty card you’ve been meaning to use? Oh yes, what a moment of pure, unadulterated excitement. I tell you what, I collect Nectar points like beanie babies from back in the day. You may judge, but those bad boys bought me a microwave, duvet and new pillows last year during their double up day! I tell all my friends and family to get them but secretly I don’t want them too, because then they can use mine and I can their points, told you it was a list of mundane favourites!

My next point is so relevant for this time of year; as the evenings draw in and you find yourself watching TV in the evenings as it goes dark outside. I love nothing more than popping the lights off and mood lighting the room with my lamps. Floor lamps, table lamps – whatever suits your space but it’s so cosy and really sets up the evening, especially if it’s Friday and you’re on the sofa with a take away and a film is on. I used to think it was such a pointless thing to have lamps in your social spaces – you have a ceiling light, what’s the point? But now I’m all about it, and who knew I’d be so passionate about warm or cool bulbs – adult-ing to the extreme! 

So there’s a few of my favourite little day to day joys. The things which unexpectantly have you smiling to yourself or setting your day up really well. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in these and I’d love to hear what yours may be too.Jenifer x


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